The internet signal is bounced around various high spots in order to deliver it to all the people who want it.  A little understanding of what signal is transmitted where can help you to know if there is an issue on just your link.

For example - if you are connected to the church - your signal comes from Rosehill to the club and then to the church - so if there is an issue with any of those links you will not have internet.  However it is possible for example for the link from the club to the church to be down, meaning all those who receive their signal from the church will not have a service but leaving the rest of the network unaffected.

Monitored links are explained below (in time we aim to increase these to try and cover each leg of the network but they are slightly complex to setup)

LBBA-1 Main internet connection to fibre - tests fibre modem in Rosehill garage
LBBA-2 Backup internet connection to fibre - tests fibre modem in Llangwm
LBBA-3 Tests infratructure at green box on rosehill (gateway to the network)
LBBA-4 Tests link through Rosehill and the Club
LBBA-5 Tests link through Rosehill to Little Pencoed farm


The backhaul links are:

  • Rosehill => Houses in NE of village with a view of Rosehill
  • Rosehill => Club => Houses with a view of club mast
  • Rosehill => Club => Church => Houses with a view of the church
  • Rosehill => Little Pencoed Farm => Houses with a view of the barn - including Vallen
  • Rosehill => Coedcanlais => Houses in Coedcanlais
  • Rosehill => Coedcanlais => Cosheston => Houses along the river in Cosheston
  • Rosehill => Club => Mount Pleasant => Benton/Newton/Tanyard
  • Rosehill => Club => Castaways => Lawrenny Quay = > Houses with a view of boatyard

If you are not sure what you are connected to just check the direction that the box on your roof is pointed

There is also a supply from Llangwm to Rosehill as a backup should the main fibre link into the village fail.

Network map