We recognise that internet access will be particularly important to many over the next few months, especially for anyone self-isolating.  We have done what we can to ensure the service is reliable and continue to monitor it but over the last few months almost every issue reported has actually been an issue inside people's houses rather than with the network itself.

We are holding more than normal spares, just in case anybodys link breaks and ordering spares takes a little longer than usual.

Zen (our internet supplier) are confident that their network can cope with all the extra working from home happening over the country.  At the moment we are not applying any restrictions for users on the network as we have capacity to spare, but we do keep this under review and reserve the right to throttle if certain users cause slow down for all (in reality this is only likely to be children gaming when home from school - and possibly not even then) - but we will monitor and alter settings as needed to try and keep the service reliable for all.

Normally the responsibility for LBBA stops at getting the signal to your roof box and if the issue is inside your house or a problem on your PC / Mac / IPad then you must arrange to get that resolved yourself.  However, in these difficult times we would be happy to offer whatever assistance we can to anyone who has technical issues whatever the cause.

For those self-isolating we appreciate you may not want people in your homes (rather defeats the object of self-isolating)  but there are ways that we can drive your computer remotely (only with your permission of course).  One common way of doing this is teamviewer -  https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ - where you download a small bit of software then over the phone / text us the password that it gives you and we can then drive your machine remotely.  As soon as you close the application, we can no longer access your computer.  This is safe so long as you trust the person helping you (never do this in response to some dubious phone call allegedly from Microsoft or BT etc).  You can see what we are doing at all times - or you can simply show us what you are having trouble with and we can try and talk you through it.

We can try and help with things like:

  • Skype / google hangouts if you are struggling to connect to friends and family
  • Signing up for Tesco's online or other online ordering if you've not had to do it before
  • Decided to give Netflix a try
  • Enrolling for that online course that you have always meant to do
  • Can't connect to your email, office system when working from home etc

Basically, we are happy to try and help with anything we can.  To access help the easiest thing is to pop a message on the WhatsApp group (not on the WhatsApp group, - give Alison your number and she can sort it).  If you don't want to be on the WhatsApp group you can still contact Adrian or James (and others I'm sure) and we will see what we can sort out.


Finally - it's very easy to add additional web pages to this site - it can include message boards, photo libraries, secure areas for registered users etc etc.  So, if anyone has a good idea to help us all through the next months that needs a web presence give us a shout.