Your rights

Users are often initially concerned about what information they are sharing over the internet.

Whilst this is quite a reasonable question you have more to fear from the likes of googles data mining than LBBA !

As part of monitoring the general health of the network and ensuring that there is sufficient capacity for all, the amount of traffic you generate (and the times its used) are logged. Note there is no intention at the moment to charge on a use basis - but we do need to ensure that the total capacity is sufficient so the service works for all.

What we can NOT see is any details on what you are doing on websites you visit, your bank login details etc etc.

Your responsibilities

It is a requirement of your being a member that you don't undertake any illegal activities using the system. 

This includes breaking of copyright by downloading films etc for which you do not have the rights. 

Occasionally we get a letter via Zen (who provide out internet connection) who have been contacted because an illegal download has been detected.  We can often tie this back to an individual user because exact time and data volume details are normally provided.  We take a very dim view of this as it could cause the service to be disconnected for everyone and we will block repeat offenders from the network in order to safeguard it for everyone else.