We are constantly working on improving the performance and resilience of the network as funds are available, whilst trying to balance this against keeping the monthly charges reasonable.

Inevitably due to the nature of the service some distant properties, or those in hard to reach places (obscured by trees, hills, or buildings etc) may experience poorer connection speeds.

However for the majority it is hoped that normal speeds would almost always be above 10Mbps and we are attempting to get this to over 30 Mbps for most.  There is however a finite amount of overall capacity - so you may see speeds dip at very busy times (kids home from school, prime time TV watching in winter) though for most there should still be capacity to stream TV / video (generally c. 2Mbps required or 4Mbps if in HD).

Capacity is shared overall but also for some of the outliers the bottleneck might be backhaul to them - so its a complicated and ever changing process.

Also please remember that the service is now generally pretty stable - there are brief outages - but these are infrequent these days and generally resolved very quickly.  Therefore if you do have an issue with your connection it won't always be LBBA that is at fault!

  • It is not unknown for Iplayer, NowTV, Netflix etc servers to exceed capacity - which causes buffering outside of the LBBA network
  • When doing a speed test it really needs to be when you are connected to your router by a cable - Wifi connections in the home start to lose a lot of speed even over quite short distances.  If you must test with wifi at least make sure you are very close to your router
  • Speeds in excess of 10Mb are actually faster than some of the old network and wifi technologies can handle.  So if your equipment in the home is old this could be causing you not to benefit from the full possible bandwidth

Above all - please remember the service is run for everyone's benefit by unpaid volunteers.  So if you are having a problem by all means report it / ask for help but equally be patient if the support desk isn't mannned 24x7 !