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Lawrenny Broadband was created to provide broadband within the community and to enable businesses that might otherwise not be able to operate here to thrive. 

It was borne out of the realisation that BT was unprepared to provide a service to the community.  Not only were we far away from the Carew exchange, but we are also connected by an old microwave link to the Exchange that is not able to carry broadband services.

We have used considerable funding from Europe to build the system, but volunteers carry out most of the administration and maintenance.

More recently there has been a big push to improve broadband speeds in Wales, and this has resulted in fibre being available at some properties in Lawrenny.   This relies on overhead cables running along Newton lane that have broken at least twice already.  It has though allowed us to significantly increase the bandwidth available to all,  but we consider it prudent to maintain a backup link from Llangwm to ensure some level of continuity of service in the event of a cable break.

Your use of the system

By using the system you agree to abide by the terms of use

Remember this is a community association. We are all equally responsible for making it work. So just a reminder of what to do if you have problems with your connection:

  • If your internet is not working reboot your router (if you have one between your computer and the roofbox) and turn the power to your roof box off, wait one minute then switch on again.
  • Double check that all your cables are plugged in and that the powerpack for your roof box (little back or white box) has power to it and LED is lit up (you wouldn't believe the number of times people have accidentally unplugged this!)
  • Try calling someone else in the association who lives nearby to see if they have lost their connection. 
  • Check the status at the bottom of this page
  • If you are on the whatsApp group check this to see if others are having issues / report your fault

If it's a problem with your connection alone, you will have to call an IT adviser at your own cost.

If the problem is with our network, we shall then call Technical Support straight away for them to investigate and will keep you up to date until we are back online. Support

System status

A live status of various elements of the system is given below (tested from the outside world). Please see details on how to interpret this - but all green is good!

The monitoring attempts to check connectivity on each major branch of the system.  It should allow you to easily see if there is an issue on some or all of the system.  Clearly if all is red, then there is a problem that is likely to effect everybody.  If only certain elements are red it means that there is an issue with some part of the main infrastructure so it may or may not effect you depending on where you are.

Support staff are automatically notified of failures so chances are they are already on it - so perhaps give it a few minutes before raising the alarm.

The monitoring is conducted from a range of servers completely separate and external to our network and test the connections every few minutes so will pick up any issues fairly quickly.

This website is also hosted externally to our network, so you may be able to connect using a phone even if your internet connection is down.


Service Status

No reported issues


Check the reported issues page to see the status of any issue and for information on progress with resolving it